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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

So I just recently graduated from my master’s program and where did I choose to go and celebrate?  Disney World!  No surprise there!

Jesse and I spent a week and a half in Disney at the end of April/ beginning of May.  We spent a couple nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (our absolute favorite.. you can read about that here), but wanted to try something new and spent the majority of our vacation at Caribbean Beach Resort.

Our entrance

This was our first time staying at Caribbean Beach Resort and we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t get the full Disney experience due to the construction going on at this resort, but we LOVED it!

An entrance under construction

There was certainly a good amount of construction; however, where our room was located, we would have never even known if we didn’t walk around the resort.  When we booked this trip all that was left was the preferred rooms and I think this had a big impact on how little we noticed the construction.

This resort is HUGE, broken down into a number of islands around Barefoot Bay.  Each of these islands includes their own pools and bus stops.

Our pool in Trinidad North! There are no life guards at this pool.

On our stay our room was located in Trinidad North which is right next door to Old Port Royale so we were within walking distance of the Fuentes del Morro Pool.

The Fuentes del Morro Pool located in Old Port Royale!

Our room was on the second floor and faced Barefoot Bay, so we had a great view.  We were asked at check in if the second floor was okay, I said yes as I have never liked to stay in a first floor hotel room.  I didn’t realize until we went to our room that this was asked because there were no elevators around.  We had no issues with this; however, this is something to keep in mind for people traveling with strollers or wheelchairs.

The view from our room!

Our room was very clean and large, and we loved the cute little Caribbean details.  I do have to say that one of my favorite parts of the room was the double sinks in the bathroom.  This made it easy for me and Jesse to get ready at the same time, because I always take much longer than him.

Outside, we noticed how quiet and beautiful this resort was.  We rarely passed anyone unless we were heading to Old Port Royale which is where the main pool is located as well as the food truck that was being used during the construction period.

The path from Trinidad North to Old Port Royale

Aside from each island having their own pool, they also have their own sandy beach with hammocks and beach chairs.  Jesse and I spent some time relaxing in the hammocks after our swim in the pool, which was a nice break from the busy days at the parks.

Our beach!

Due to the construction, we did experience some different things than we would when the resort is construction free.  One was our food options like I mentioned prior with the food truck.  The food truck served breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offered a buffet for breakfast and dinner and a quick service for lunch.  There was also another lunch option, as well as little markets spread out amongst some of the islands.  These markets were located in what would have been guest rooms that were modified to be little stores that offered pastries, ice cream, drinks, and other snacks.

Another change from the construction was the gift shop and package pick up locations.  It was a bit of a bummer not to shop in the resort gift shop, but I was still able to find my Caribbean Beach Resort pin for our scrap book at the little shop near the pool.  As for the package pick up, this was also located in converted guest rooms which was very convenient!  We had packages sent back to the resort basically every day so it was nice to only have to walk down the stairs to pick up our packages instead of making our way to the gift shop in this huge resort.

Unfortunately I ended up getting sick the last 2 days of our trip so I was stuck in the room.  Fortunately my sister and her family were also on vacation with us so Jesse was able to still enjoy the parks with them.  While I was laying in bed, the only food that I wanted was chicken noodle soup so my wonderful husband called Caribbean Beach resort to order me room service.  They said they didn’t have any chicken noodle soup at the time but that they would get some made for me!  It was very nice of them and the soup was delicious!

All in all, we had another wonderful Disney vacation! We really enjoyed our time at Caribbean Beach Resort and we can not wait to go back!  We loved this resort during construction so I know we will love it even more when it is all done! I can’t wait to visit again!

Leave me a comment below if you have any tips on Caribbean Beach Resort!

we loved disney's caribbean beach resort

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