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So let’s be honest, when I became a travel agent many members of my family said “people still use travel agents?”  I was bummed because I was worried I would not get to do the job that I was so excited to start!   After doing all of my training I started spreading the word that I was now a travel agent and I learned there are A LOT of people who use or want to use travel agents, who knew!?!   I was super excited because I love love love planning vacations and now I knew that other people would want me to help them plan their own!

So here are the reasons why you should use a travel agent for your next trip!

  1. It is completely free for you!  You should never be charged to use a travel agent, there are plenty of agencies around that are completely free for their services, such as Academy Travel (academytravel.com and mickeyvacations.com).
  2. Travel Agents are Experts.  So this may not mean they know every single detail about everything; however, this does mean that they have went through extensive training and have experienced the vacation destination first hand.  For example: I specialize in Disney Destinations, I have completed the College of Disney Knowledge, I have visited Disney World many times, and on my most recent trip to Disney World I went on a Disney resort tour to get to know more about some of the resorts I have not had the chance to stay at yet in order to help my clients.  Overall, travel agents are able to help you plan a trip based on your wants and needs and if there is something we are unsure of, we have many additional resources to use to answer all of your questions.
  3. Travel Agents Will do as much (or as little) of the work for you.  When planning a Disney vacation, there are a lot of details that go into making your trip perfect.  Some people want to make their own dining reservations and schedule their own Fastpass+; however, for those who do not, we are more than happy to make those arrangements for you!
  4. Travel Agents will find you the best deals!  There are always new deals and discounts available through Disney and some that might not be available at the time you book your trip.  Your travel agent will find you the best deals and will keep an eye out for new ones that may come up to apply to your trip.
  5. A Travel Agent may offer an incentive.  Sometimes a travel agent will offer free gifts for booking your trip with them.  Some examples of these incentives may be free autograph books or Mickey ears for the kids in your family, or even a shipboard credit which is free money to use while sailing on your cruise.

Overall, a travel agent will love planning your vacation and is there to make your life easier!  We are constantly offered training options and are required to stay up to date with what’s new.

Remember, if you are looking for a travel agent, I would be happy to help you plan you next vacation!  Contact me at DeniseC.Vacations@yahoo.com to get started!

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