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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Disney’s all Star movies resort

Jesse and I made a last minute Disney trip in August for our second wedding anniversary.  We were certainly not planning it as we had a trip planned to New Hampshire and Maine in September with his family.  Needless to say though when he came home from work and told me he was able to get a few days off the week of our anniversary and that I could plan a trip; he knew I would do anything I could to plan a Disney trip within our budget! And that’s where Disney’s All Star Movies Resort come in!

I was able to book a 4 night, 5 day trip at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort, with the Disney dining plan, and round trip flights from Ohio to Orlando for $1,500!  I was sold, he was sold, and it was a done deal!

Disney broke is a good broke! Right?

We love love love the Disney World resorts, especially the Animal Kingdom Lodge; however, that was just not in the budget for this spur of the moment trip.  We decided to give the All Star Resorts a try and I was not disappointed!

Disney’s all Star movies resort bus location

There are three All Star Resorts including Movies, Music, and Sports.  We decided to stay at the All Star Movies resort based on the Disney movie theming.  The value resorts have been going through some refurbishment and since we booked a preferred room, we were fortunate enough to be given one of these newly refurbished rooms in the Toy Story section of the resort.

All Star Movies Resort property theming

If you have stayed at any of the value resorts, then you know these resorts are large and spread out.  At the All Star Movies resort, the Fantasia, Toy Story, and 101 Dalmatian sections are the closest sections to the front desk, food court, gift shop, and transportation, all located at Cinema Hall.  Just past the Fantasia and 101 Dalmatian sections are the Love Bug and Mighty Ducks sections which are a bit of a longer walk through the resort.  On a positive note, no matter the section your room is in, there are parking lots near so if you have a car your walk is not so bad compared to if you are taking the bus.

We flew in early Monday morning, arriving to Orlando by 9:30 AM.  This was our first time flying to Disney and our first time trying out the Magical Express which was awesome!  By the time we collected our luggage, checked in with Magical Express and took our bus trip to our resort, it was going on 11:00 AM.  I had done the online check-in where I notified my resort that we would be arriving around 10:30 AM.  While we were on the Magical Express, I received a text saying that our room was not quite ready yet.  When we arrived, the check-in line was SUPER long but we hopped in line to see if any rooms were ready yet.  We were about half way through the line when I received another text saying our room was ready, so we hopped back out of line and headed straight to our room!

Terrified on my 1st flight!
Disney magical express

Like I mentioned earlier, we were in the Toy Story section of the resort so we were just a short walk from food, shopping, and transportation. Our room was newly renovated with laminate flooring, a queen sized bed, a queen sized  murphy bed that also serves as a table when the bed is not in use.  In addition to the very modern room, the bathroom was very bright and spacious.  Instead of the typical curtain separating the room from the sink, there is now a sliding door to separate the 2 areas.

Disney’s all Star movies resort preferred room
Lots of space with the murphy bed not in use!
This is how you wash your hands…minus the remote

We did not spend a whole lot of time at the resort, which is typical because we spend every waking moment in the parks; however, we did make sure to check out Donald’s Double Feature gift shop, the World Premiere Food Court, and the Fantasia pool.

Shopping is essential in Disney!
Disney’s all Star movies resort Fantasia pool
The feature Fantasia Pool! There is another pool in the Mighty Ducks section of the resort called the Duck Pond Pool.

One of my favorite things about the dinning at a value resort is that you are offered so many selections in the food court settings.  We only ate at the World Premiere Food Court once on this trip and then we also had to try the yummy cookie milkshake!

All Star movies resort food court
Yummy! But can be messy…take my word for it!

Since this was our first time flying to Disney World, this was also our first time using Disney transportation.  We did use the Disney Minnie Van service one evening after having dinner at ‘Ohana in the Polynesian Resort.  The remainder of our time there, we used the buses to go back and forth from our resort, the parks, and Disney Springs.  One HUGE perk of using Disney transportation is when going to Magic Kingdom and not having to park, then ride the tram, then ride the monorail or ferry boat.  As much as I love riding the monorail and seeing the castle for the first time on each trip, it was REALLY nice being dropped off right at the front of Magic Kingdom!  I had always heard that the buses at the value resorts were super busy and crowded, and I even recall passing the lines when leaving the parks on previous trips and being glad I wasn’t standing in the line.  This was not the case for us.  Yes, the bus was always full but not to the point where we had to wait for another bus.  Overall, I was very pleased!

Enjoying our ride to Epcot!

As for the resort, the theming was fantastic, which is expected for Disney!  Being in the Toy Story section, I thought It was so cute that the staircases were disguised as Bucket O Soldiers!  I have to say though that my favorite section was the 101 Dalmatians but this may be biased as I LOVE animals and that movie.

All Star movies resort property
Kanine Krunchies!

My only complaint about the resort was that we could hear our neighbors very well.  Now I don’t know if the walls are thinner than other resorts as I know the All Star Resorts are old, or if the kid next door was just extra loud.  But that kid was NOT happy when he got back to his room at night, but who could blame him?  Everyone would rather stay with Mickey Mouse than go to bed at night!

Overall, I really enjoyed this resort!  My husband has been spoiled, and although he liked everything about the All Star Movies resort, he still prefers the Animal Kingdom lodge and he has his ordered list of each resort he wants to try out.

‘Ohana lei

Fortunately for him, aside from the fact that this was suppose to be a cheap trip, we became Disney Vacation Club members while we were there!  Every trip we take we would talk about how we would become members soon but we didn’t think it would be this soon.  On this trip; however, one of the Disney Vacation Club cast members stopped us while we were walking through Magic Kingdom and convinced us to take one of the vacation club tours, so we did.  We were convinced that we would just get all of the information and then make the decision in the next few months to a year, but….we were sold on it there and now we have 50 years of trying out Jesse’s ordered list of Disney resorts!

You can check out how we became members and how DVC works here!

A magical vacation and 2nd anniversary!

The All Star Movies resort was well worth the price and we had a great time!  Disney World really CAN be done on a budget and even with all the perks of a Disney resort!

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