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Renting Disney Vacation Club Points – Save Money on Deluxe Villas

Renting Disney Vacation Club points

Before Jesse and I became vacation club members in 2018, we had to find other ways to afford deluxe resorts at Disney World. When we went on our honeymoon we wanted to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (read about this resort here); however we weren’t sure we could afford it with all of the wedding costs. At the time, my sister was already a DVC member so we talked with them about possibly booking with them but unfortunately they didn’t have any points to spare for the year. So I did some research and found out that renting Disney Vacation Club points through 3rd party companies was the answer to our problems!

I found the DVC Rental Store and used their DVC cost and points calculator to compare the price with booking directly through Disney (another super popular one is David’s Vacation Club Rentals). We were looking to book a savanna view room for 7 nights in mid August. By renting points, the room was a fraction of the price, put it this way…booking with DVC points cost us the same that a room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort was going to cost (which is a moderate resort). We were sold!

The process of renting DVC points is a little different than just booking your room and you run into some unknowns for a bit.

Renting DVC Points and Booking

Before taking the first step to secure your reservation with DVC points, first compare the price between booking directly with Disney and the cost calculator at your selected rental store. Once you decide if it is best to rent points, submit a rental request. This is where you will let the 3rd party company know your travel dates, desired resorts (1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd choice), and the type of room. The company will then get to work to see if your requests are available and if they have any DVC members selling points to your desired resorts. If they do, they will contact you with the information required to move forward.

At this point your trip is still not guaranteed. If there is availability for your travel dates at your desired resort, you will be required to place a refundable deposit to move forward (refundable meaning, if the DVC member is unable to secure your trip you will be refunded the deposit). If the reservation is secured you will be required to pay the remaining balance and decide if you want to purchase travel protection in case you need to cancel the trip.

That’s it! It is a super simple process. You will also decide if you want to purchase a Disney dining plan, as the DVC member will also have to set that up. After that you will receive your reservation number to enter into My Disney Experience and you can then book dining and FastPass+ reservations as usual!

You still get to feel like a DVC member, without the commitment!

Things to Keep in Mind

Renting DVC points is a huge money saver and was awesome in my experience. However, keep in mind there are some differences from booking directly through Disney. The main issue being that if you do not buy the travel insurance, you will not be able to receive any refund if you have to cancel, where as through Disney you can cancel up to a month before your trip without any extra travel insurance! When we booked our trip we did not buy the travel insurance but I would certainly recommend it when renting points way more than if you book with Disney.

Another thing to keep in mind is that points will cost more when you book more than 7 months before your trip, this is because DVC members can only book their home resorts at this time and the rental stores pay members more for these points. It will be cheaper if you book 0-7 months before your trip; however, you are more likely to run into your dates not being available at the more popular resorts. Weigh your options here!

Good luck and I hope you have fun saving money at your Deluxe villa!

And if you are interested in more information on how Disney’s Vacation Club works or are interested in becoming a member yourself, checkout my informative Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member post here.

Are you thinking about renting Disney Vacation Club points? Have you rented points before? How did you like it and how much did you save!?

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