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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Everything you need to know about Disney's Art of Animation Resort

It is hard to argue that the value resorts have some of the best Disney theming on property to make you feel like you are in the middle of the Disney Magic. The value resorts are where you are going to find the larger than life themes straight out of your favorite Disney movies, and Disney’s Art of Animation resort is (in my opinion) the best themed value resort on property.

Disney’s Art of Animation resort

Art of Animation is, on average, the most expensive of the value resorts since 3/4 of the rooms are suites that accommodate 6 guests verses the 1/4 that are standard 4 guest rooms.

When we stayed at Art of Animation, we booked a standard Little Mermaid room. In this room we had 2 beds, a mini fridge, an area with the sink that can be separated from the room by a curtain, and then the separate shower/toilet area.

Unfortunately, the only section that has standard rooms is the Little Mermaid section while all the others are the suites. This is a bummer when you really want to stay in a certain themed room but either have no need for that big of a room or have to many people for the standard room.. for me, I really wanted to stay in a Lion King room.

I did have a chance to tour the Finding Nemo suites here on a resort tour when I was a travel agent, so I will include those pictures too.

Master bath

How the resort is set up, there are 4 separate sections. The front desk, as well as the Ink and Paint Shop gift shop, Landscape of Flavors food court and arcade area are all in the Finding Nemo section. To the right is the Cars section, and to the left is the Lion King and then the Little Mermaid sections. As with all of the value resorts, they are veryyy large. This can become a problem for people without a car as the main amenities can be quite the walk from the Little Mermaid rooms. The bus stop is just to the left of the main entrance, so be sure to account for extra walking time in the mornings.

We were in the very last building on property so fortunately we had a car; however we did take the evening to walk the entire resort because there is so much amazing art to see. How the value resorts are set up are certainly more convenient for people with their own transportation, as we were able to park right outside our room. Although, now Art of Animation has an additional transportation option as the new Sky Liner makes a stop here for guests to go to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. The Sky Liner pick up is behind the resort on the bridge connecting Art of Animation to Disney’s Pop Century resort.

Aside from exploring all of the movie displays and facts, there are 3 pools on property to take a splash and soak up the sun. We spent some time at the Flippin’ Fins pool in the Little Mermaid section; however the main feature pool is the Big Blue pool in the Nemo section. This pool is the largest and busiest. There is also a kids splash area here too. The 3rd, final and smallest pool is the Cozy Cone pool in the cars section. The only section without a pool is the Lion King section, which I thought was a bummer… at least throw in a large hot tub with Pumba to add the bubbles.

Aside from the Lion King area lacking a themed pool, the best movie displays are in this area (in my opinion). Instead of just a large Ariel or Lightening McQueen, the displays have more detail with things like Simba, Timon and Pumba walking across the log or the elephant grave yard with the hyenas.

Lion king display at Disney’s Art of Animation resort

There is a lot to see and do at this resort but if you need more, you are just a short walk from Pop Century for more to see, do or eat. The food courts at the value resorts are great though because there are so many options to eat. When we stayed here we used the quick service dining plan even though we spent half of our trip at Universal Studios. So we ate breakfast and dinner at Landscape of Flavor 2 days in a row and never ate the same thing twice.

Lake at Disney’s Art of Animation resort where the Disney skyliner is now located
On the bridge (before the Skyliner) you can see Art of Animation on the left and Pop Century on the right!

Overall, I loved Disney’s Art of Animation resort and can’t wait to one day see my little ones face light up when he sees the amazing theming at this resort.

Let me know what you think! What is your favorite of the value resort?

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Disney’s Art of Animation resort

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