Starbucks at Disney World – Where to Find ALL 6 Locations

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Who doesn’t love Starbucks? I’m not even a coffee drinker per say but I love me some good iced Starbucks drinks!

Fortunately, Disney has our Starbucks addictions handled because you can find one at all 4 theme parks and 2 at Disney Springs! However, they may not be easy to find for a newbie because they are disguised into the themes of the parks.

How sad would it be to be walking down Main Street with your sight set on the castle, only to be interrupted by a huge Starbucks sign sticking out from the shops lining the most magical street in all of Florida? Doesn’t sound magical does it!?! Nope! And that’s why Disney blends them right on in, to give us our average daily conveniences without spoiling the fact that the outside world is just a mere memory until vacations end.

Magic Kingdom

So where are these sneaky Starbucks hiding? Well let’s start with Magic Kingdom. This Starbucks is disguised right into the Main Street Bakery located on Main Street U.S.A. A perfect location to grab your tasty drink on your way in…or if your anything like me then it is a nice afternoon drink to help you cool off while shopping when the ride lines are long. We are always scrambling to make it to our first FastPass+ reservation (not morning people here) and the line at Main Street Bakery can get pretty long!

Hollywood Studios

Next, with a similar location, we move to Hollywood Studios. This Starbucks is known as The Trolly Car Café and is conveniently located on Hollywood Boulevard for you to grab on the way in…or when shopping like me 🙂

Animal Kingdom

Moving on over to Animal Kingdom, this Starbucks location is much more out of the way than the first 2 locations. This Starbucks is disguised inside Creature Comforts located in Discovery Island and tends to be my favorite Starbucks location at Disney…not sure why, maybe it’s less busy since it’s not right at the front of the park?


For the last theme park, we have Epcot. Epcot’s Starbucks location, Fountain View in Future World has shut down due to all the changes being made to Epcot. There is a new temporary location called the Traveler’s Café located on the Rose Walk. This is just a small walk up location as a place holder for what’s to come!

Enjoying Starbucks at Disney World

Disney Springs

While the parks have a theme reputation to measure up to, Disney Springs does not and these Starbucks locations are much easier to spot as they look like, well.. a Starbucks! Disney Springs has 2 Starbucks locations, 1 is located in the Marketplace and the other in the West Side.

I love enjoying Starbucks at Disney World especially when using the Disney dining plans. Starbucks drinks can be purchased with a snack credit and you can get any of the 3 sizes. For me, this is like getting free Starbucks! Yes I know I had to pay for my dining plan but if you eat the way we do while using it (read about the dining plans here) then basically both of your snacks are free! And when you are not tossing out cash, it makes it much more fun to try something new!

One of my absolute favorite drinks to get while in Disney is the white chocolate mocha espresso, iced with whipped cream on top! YUM! I love this drink so much that I figured out how to make it at home!

I looked at all the recipes others suggest for this drink and then played with it a bit until I was satisfied! So here you have it for MY copycat version of Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha!

Copycat Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha Recipe

  • Make a small cup of your favorite coffee in the Kurig (I use whatever coffee my husband gets from his Black Riffle Coffee Subscription).
  • Refrigerate until cold (I typically do this overnight).
  • Put coffee in a large cup.
  • Add about 1 cup of ice (more or less to your preference).
  • Add 1 cup of milk.
  • Add white chocolate syrup to taste or Starbucks white chocolate mocha creamer (my favorite)!
  • Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

This is how I make my iced white chocolate mocha but I have also substituted with regular Hershey syrup and you could also use different creamers such as French vanilla or Jesse’s favorite, snickers, for other fun drinks! Play around with what you like and have fun trying new things both at home and in Disney!

What is your favorite Starbucks drinks to enjoy at Disney? I would love to try some new tasty drinks!

Results for where to find Starbucks at Disney World

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