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Is Disney Safe? When to Return (COVID-19)

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With the news of Disney World planning to start a phased reopening on July 11th, everyone is scrambling to figure out their summer vacation plans. But one question is super important to consider before packing your bags…is Disney safe to return to?

If you follow my posts, you know that my family had a big Disney World trip scheduled back in March that was canceled less than 2 weeks before our trip. That trip was going to be my sons first trip to Disney and we couldn’t have been more excited! But things have changed now and due to Covid-19, Jesse and I are not ready to take that trip with our little mouse.

Before Disney announced their reopening plans we had booked a trip to Disney in August as a “just in case things were better” scenario. But after Universal announced their opening on June 5th, we knew Disney wouldn’t be far behind. So we got to talking about what our plans were going to be for traveling moving forward.

Is Disney Safe? Our Travel Decisions during COVID-19

The first, and most important consideration was the safety of our little mouse. What was the chance of coming in contact with the virus? And was it worth it just to celebrate his first Disney trip this year when he won’t remember it anyways?

Next we considered how different Disney is going to be for the time being. Did we really want to wear masks in 90 degree weather? Or not get to interact with the characters like normal? And did Jesse really want to hear me yelling at him to stop touching everything and put hand sanitizer on… more than usual!?!

Disney parades will not be available yet

These were all really important factors to consider, and many people’s opinions will vary (and that’s okay!). But we decided that maybe it would be best to take a break from Disney World, at least for the rest of the year.

Now this doesn’t mean we have completely decided not to travel this year..so far..we just have decided to avoid high crowd/high touch locations.

With this being said, it is really (and I mean) REALLY difficult for me to miss a year in Disney World. So we decided to keep the Disney magic alive by visiting Disney’s Vero Beach resort this year instead (unless Florida keeps increasing in COVID cases at the current rate).

This will be our first trip to Vero Beach and though it will still require masks and physical distancing, it will be much easier to physical distance and avoid highly touched surfaces.

Update July 2020 – Unfortunately Florida has become a new epicenter for COVID cases and we will not be taking the risk. Hopefully we will hit up some zoos and other outdoor attractions near home..but for now traveling has been postponed for my family.

The short lines and empty Main Street are certainly tempting but then I remind myself how horrible I would feel if my son or husband got sick. I also think about how hot I was walking from Walmart to my car with a mask on in OHIO 😂 so I think I will pass on Florida for the time being.

Future Travel

We absolutely are looking forward to getting back to Disney in 2021, but for now we just want to see how things go before diving back into the hustle and bustle of a Disney Vacation. We do think it would be different if it was still just Jesse and I, maybe we would be more willing to take the chances at a theme park. But life has changed and my little man is the most important aspect of any decision we make now!

So to answer the questions is Disney safe and when to return to Disney any Disney destination, for my family and I, that will be 2021 at the earliest. We are currently trying to decide when to reschedule our cancelled trip from March. We are between March of 2021 or September of 2021 before the extended tickets expiration.

So what do you think? Is Disney safe to return to yet? Are you planning to take some time off from Disney World? What about the cruise lines or beach resorts? Or are you totally eager and comfortable returning ASAP?

This is my own opinion for my family, in no way am I telling you when is the right or wrong time to return to Disney World or other Disney destinations for your family. There is going to be a mix of opinions on this subject and that is perfectly okay! The purpose of this post is to explain my decision making process on the matter and get feedback on what others plan to do!

Is Disney safe to return too? You can find information on what is open and what Disney is doing to try to keep guests safe here!

If you decide you are ready to plan your next Disney Vacation check out if staying on or off Disney property is best and safest for your family. Also read about how great Disney handles emergency situations and why that should encourage you to book a Disney Resort when you do decide to return!

No matter when you decide to return, I wish you a magical and safe trip!

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