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Everyone has a different daily Disney schedule that works for them. Sometimes that means waking up at the crack of dawn, sometimes it means magic hours until 1 in the morning, and sometimes it means a mid afternoon break back at your resort. But no matter the schedule, there is no right or wrong, just a RIGHT for your family!

We usually drive to the parks.

As frequent Disney travelers, our schedule may be a little more “go with the flow” than others, but it works with our sleep/eat/play schedule and provides us the opportunity to do everything important on our list!

So here it is, my family’s daily Disney schedule!

We are not morning people so we don’t pretend to be on vacation either. We want to enjoy our trip, not suffer! (read how to do Disney when you are not a morning person here). So we typically wake up around 9 or 10 AM to get ready for our day (unless we have a breakfast reservation which is rare). And we aim to be in the park of the day between 11 and 11:30. When we arrive, I will have our Fastpass+ reservations ready to begin. I will absolutely never schedule them before 11 (plus if you are in the park early, lines are pretty short anyways).

Skip the tram for daily Disney schedule
Some times we will walk to the ticket and transportation center if the tram is really busy.

Daily Disney Schedule – Fastpass+ Reservations

Our Fastpass+ reservations will often look something like this (unless we can’t get a popular ride until later in the day):

  • Fastpass 1 – 11/11:30 to 12/12:30
  • Fastpass 2 – 12/12:30 to 1/1:30
  • Fastpass 3 – 1:30/2 to 2:30/3

This Fastpass+ schedule allows for us to sleep in, eat lunch around 1, and be able to make new Fastpass reservations by 3. An exception to this rule is Hollywood Studios where we always get a Fastpass for Fantasmic so therefore our schedule doesn’t matter since we can’t schedule more for the day.

Get Fastpass+ reservations for long lines
We always try to make a Fastpass+ reservation for Peter Pan’s Flight one of the days we are in Magic Kingdom.

Another reason our Fastpass times may vary some is if we decide to have a table service lunch instead of quick service. We always have 1 table service and 1 quick service meal per day. So this varies from park to park and trip to trip.

Once we scan our final Fastpass, we check for a new one while waiting in the line queue. Depending on what’s available and for when dictates our next step for the day. If we can get a Fastpass for something soon we will head there next, if not we will schedule one for later in the evening and enjoy rides with shorter lines, shows, shopping, snacking and other fun stuff while we are not tied to a reservation.

Watch parades in daily Disney schedule
We always tend to stumble on a parade or show sometime throughout our day, and this is that unplanned magic I am talking about because we never schedule these things in!
Find short lines for daily Disney schedule
Always a good show to beat the heat and take advantage of when lines are long in Fantasyland! Plus we LOVE it, it is so fun!

We then will have dinner somewhere between 6 and 8:30. This depends on the park and if we want to see the nighttime shows. We typically eat dinner earlier at Hollywood Studios in order to make it to our Fantasmic Fastpass reservation. Again, the time for dinner also depends on whether it will be table service or quick service.

Some things to keep in mind when planning Fastpass+ reservations:

  • They do not have to be close to one another!
    • people will often think you need to schedule your Fastpass+ reservations in the same land of the park, but this is not necessary. You have an entire hour to use the Fastpass before you can start your next one so we will typically use our Fastpass and then ride some other rides or do some shopping in that area before heading to our next Fastpass.
  • Do not waste Fastpass+ reservations on rides you know will be short later in the day, UNLESS there is nothing else for you to schedule.
    • Maybe you don’t like the big rides or have kids that will want to ride Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid over and over again, or if you can only get a Fastpass for the Seas with Nemo and Friends due to the tiers..a 0 minute wait is better than a 5 minute wait!
Watch line times sometimes a Fastpass isn’t necessary
We will often do something such as: have a Fastpass for space mountain or Buzz, then hop on the people mover and the carousel of progress before moving on to our next Fastpass…usually in a different land.

Always keep in mind that lines tend to be shorter right away in the morning and during the nighttime shows and on to close. We always do some mid day shopping when lines are really long to cool off and find some unexpected magic along the way. We never plan our days around the parades but always happen to stumble upon them when they are taking place and will stop to watch. Also, we love to take advantage of the evening magic hours, especially in Magic Kingdom!

Get photopass photos
Take advantage of the photopass locations! Even if you do not want to pay for memory maker, you can give the photographer your own phone or camera too!

Overall, we do not over plan! We book our reservations and fill in the blanks with what is available and sounds fun for the day!

What does your daily schedule look like? What times do you plan Fastpass+ and dining reservations?

Interested in knowing more about our Disney schedule? Check out why you DO NOT need to be a rope drop person at Disney here, and here for our full week Disney itinerary!

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