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Disney World Resort Quiz! Which Resort is the Best for YOU?

Results for Disney World resort quiz

I am at the point in my Disney traveling career (does it count as a career? I think so) that I have a goal to stay at each resort on property! Not only is it for me, but it is also for YOU! Each new resort comes with a new post about that resort and our experiences on that trip (Or even a Disney World resort quiz!)! You’re welcome 😜

Disney world all star movies  resort
Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

But maybe your new to this whole Disney thing, or maybe you just need a break down of what each resort offers to fit your needs! Instead of reading article after article and looking at pictures until you forget what resort they even belong too, I have a solution for you!

I have put together a Disney World resort quiz! All you have to do is answer 10 quick questions and voilà, you will have your answer to the best Disney World resort for your next trip!

Disney World Art of Animation resort
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

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Once you take the Disney World Resort quiz and find out which resort is best for you, then come back here to Enchanting Wishes and check out some of our experiences!

Disney’s Caribbean beach resort
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Here are the resorts we have stayed at in Disney World:

Our absolute favorite resort is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! It literally whisks you away to Africa while you are within! It is truly AMAZING! ❤️

Results for Disney World resort quiz

Here is our list of resorts we want to stay at:

Although we want to stay at them ALL, we do have some top contenders!

  • The Polynesian
  • The Beach or Yacht Club
  • The Contemporary
  • The Port Orleans Resorts
  • The Grand Floridian
Disney’s yacht club resort
Disney’s Yacht Club

Is staying on site worth it?

You may have some questions as to whether staying on Disney property is really necessary or worth the money. I totally get it, some of these resorts are out right expensive!

I am a total Disney resorts advocate but there are also certain times that staying off site is more beneficial to your situation. Such as if you are bringing along pets or need extra space. You can read my comparison to staying on or off Disney property here!

What if you 100% want to stay on Disney property but your ideal resort is in the deluxe category, which we all know can get SUPER pricey, am I right?

One solution is to rent DVC points. DVC points are Disney Vacation Club points that members don’t use and sell to nonmembers to use. This route can save you hundreds or even thousands on a deluxe resort! You can read my guide on renting DVC points here!

Disney World Resorts Quiz Time!

Okay! It’s time! Go take the Disney World Resort quiz now!

I’ll wait here…

You done? How was it? What were your results? Do you agree?

Let me know what you think and leave any questions in the comments below!

If you are ready to book your Disney resort match you can click here! Or if you are interested in saving on your DVC resort picks you can book here by renting points!

Results for Disney World resort quiz

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