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Wild Africa Trek Tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Jesse promised me that when I graduated with my master’s degree and got hired somewhere we would celebrate by taking the Wild Africa Trek tour at Animal Kingdom! Well he kept that promise and after I began my teaching career, we took the tour and it was AWESOME!!

We actuality weren’t planning on taking the tour just yet. But when we decided to leave a day early for vacation, we had some spare time! We called to see if there was any availability for the next morning and we were in luck!

Wild Africa Trek tour entrance

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Arrival and check-in

Make sure you give yourself enough time to arrive because this tour is all the way in the back of Animal Kingdom in Africa. The entrance is just to the left of Kilimanjaro Safari. Once we checked-in they told us to use the bathroom if we needed to before coming in, because once you start the tour you are out of luck for a couple hours.

We were asked to store any loose items or bags in the lockers provided and then step up on a scale. We were then weighed (only the cast member can see your weight) so they can select the correct vest for you. Then they put straps on our glasses, cell phone and provided water bottle (awesome keepsake) because anything going with you must be secured to you. There will also be straps connected to you that will secure you for safety later into the tour. Finally, we were given a head set and sent on to fill our water bottle and wait to be all hooked up safe and sound in our harness vest.

Wild Africa Trek tour gear

The Tour

Once the small group is ready, we began our Wild Africa Trek tour on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail for a short bit before cutting off through a gated path.

Through this path we arrived at the backside of the hippo exhibit that you can see on the safari ride. We met up with an animal keeper who took us in for a close encounter with the hippos. This is the first time you will use your harness..so you don’t fall into the water with the hippos. The keeper talked about the hippos, did some training and feeding, and then answered questions.

Behind the scenes on Disney’s Wild Africa Trek tour
Guest experience on Disney’s Wild Africa trek
Disney’s Animal Kingdom hippos

It was then time to head to the crocodiles! This is what I was most excited for and it was certainly my favorite part! First you have to cross the rickety bridges over the crocodile exhibits before using those harnesses again for another close encounter with an animal keeper. (There is also another water fill up station here).

Rope bridge crossing on Wild Africa Trek Tour
Rope bridge over crocodiles on Disney’s Wild Africa Trek Tour
Disney’s Animal Kingdom crocodiles

Next we head over to a private safari truck and ditched the harness vest. The tour guides even had icy cooling towels to hand out since it’s hot on the Florida savanna!

Once on the safari, we drove around and stopped at various locations to get a better look at the animals on the savanna, until we arrived at the Boma for lunch. (This will be your first chance to use the bathroom again).

Disney’s Animal Kingdom elephants

Before the tour we were asked if we had any food allergies so they can prep your African inspired lunch specially for you (I have a shellfish allergy and Jesse is allergic and to tree nuts). We enjoyed our African samples and there was even juice to have too.

Lunch on Wild Africa Trek Tour
Lunch on Wild Africa Trek Tour

Once everyone is done, the safari continues until you arrive back at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail to conclude the tour.


After arriving back at the tour check-in location, we collected our belongings and were given a card with the photo access number on it. DO NOT LOSE THIS! Throughout your entire tour, the guides are taking photos of you and the animals and ALL of the photos are included for digital download!

Views of savanna from Boma on Wild Africa Trek Tour

We were also given pins for the Disney Conservation Fund because a portion of your tour payment automatically goes to help Disney’s Conservation Fund!

Quick Tips and Things to Remember about the Wild Africa Trek Tour

  • This tour is for people 8 and older.
  • It is pricey, in the $150 – $250 range…but so worth it!
  • It takes about 3 hours, I don’t recommend taking this tour on the day you plan on spending at Animal Kingdom, unless you are not worried about doing everything in this park. Try to plan 2 days at this park if you are doing a tour or go to another park you will be visiting twice on your trip.
  • Remember you must have a valid ticket for this tour as it is inside of Animal Kingdom (so if you do plan to go to another park after you will either need a park hopper or annual pass).
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • You can bring your phone to take your own pictures and you will also get free downloads of the pictures taken by the guides.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom giraffes

We really enjoyed our Wild Africa Trek Tour and would love to do it again!

Are you looking forward to taking this tour? You can book yours for morning or midday here!

Have you already taken this tour? What was your favorite part? Mine was the crocodiles and learning more about the animals in the wild and Disney!

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