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We Loved Our Disney Cruise – 6 Reasons Why

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We took a Disney cruise a few years ago, when it was just Jesse and I. We were both eager to get to the beach but still wanted to keep that Disney magic alive. We were not disappointed, we loved our Disney Cruise!

Disney Dream Cruise ship to Nassau Bahamas

I was nervous about a cruise because I am a spaz! I’ve never been sea sick in my life but I was so scared to be stuck on a ship for multiple days and have the possibility of nausea or even worse…puke! 🤢

We decided to take a short 3 night cruise to the Bahamas so that if either of us got sick it wasn’t for an entire, miserable, week. In the end we were both fine (a little dizziness the first night) and wished we had taken a longer cruise, but you live and you learn, ya know?

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Disney Cruise ship  at Castaway Cay

Being my first cruise (did I mention I was nervous?) I would only cruise with Disney because:

  1. I felt they were the most cleanly (I’m a spaz, remember?)
    • Fast forward to 2020, the start of the pandemic, and I find out that Disney cruise lines was actually voted cleanest cruise line, so I was right!
  2. For some reason I trust Disney with my life. Call me crazy, but I haven’t heard of any Disney cruise ships crashing/sinking, so I felt comfortable ONLY with Disney.
    • Just because I am crazy and trust only Disney does not mean that other cruise lines aren’t safe, nor does it mean a Disney cruise could never have an accident. It’s just how I reasoned with myself!
Disney’s Castaway Cay
Disney’s Castaway Cay

Any ways, since we were driving 16 hours to Florida, we wanted to do more than a 3 day cruise. So we spent the first half of our week at Disney’s Art of Animation resort where we split our time between Disney and Universal Studios (you can read about how we fit 6 parks into 4 days here!)

So what were some of the reasons we loved our Disney cruise you may be wondering? Well here they are!

6 Reasons to Cruise with Disney!

1. Disney Magic with Relaxation

We are suckers for Disney, Disney theming, and just Disney magic in general, but Disney World is EXHAUSTING! We loved still being around the characters, the Disney theming and the top notch service that Disney has to offer all while being completely RELAXED. It was incredible, we got the best of both worlds! It has been Jesse’s favorite vacation this far in our 8 years together.

If you only take one thing with you from this article, let it be this… end a Disney World vacation with a Disney Cruise…you will not be disappointed!

The best thing we did was go to Disney and Universal first (Monday through Thursday), then go on our cruise Friday through Monday. It was so nice to relax after 4 crazy, busy days in 6 theme parks!

Aquaduck on the Disney Cruise ship the Disney Dream

2. Family Oriented

So in my opinion, it seems pretty self explanatory that a DISNEY cruise line would be family oriented, right?

Well apparently not, because while in the elevator on the Disney Dream, we experienced a woman complaining to her husband that there were to many kids on the cruise… ummm should I have let her know what cruise line she boarded?

Disney Dream Cruise ship at Castaway Cay

We loved our Disney cruise, but if you are someone that is looking for a trip with zero or minimal children, then PLEASE DO NOT take a Disney cruise!

However; if you are going with your kids or you just like a family friendly environment, then a Disney cruise is for you. I am obviously a Disney lover but also I like a family friendly environment so a Disney Cruise offers that WAY more than let’s say an adults only Cruise line.

There are still plenty of adults only activities if you are eager to get away from children or..your own children 😜

3. Same Cast Members

Each night you will be assigned to a restaurant for dinner that is included with your cruise. You will sit at the same table number with the same people each night.

Since it was just Jesse and I, we were sat with other couples (one was awesome! The other was less than pleasant). if you are a family of 4 or more, you will most likely not have to share a table.

Any ways, since you follow a schedule, you also have the same servers each night! Ours was AMAZING, he even did a magic trick for us all each night after dinner!

The exception to this is if you decide to pay for a signature dining reservation on a specific night, then you will not have the same server. Fortunately for us, the less than pleasant couple had reservations one of the nights.

Also, you will have the same room host for your entire cruise as well. They are truly like little magic genies that live under the bed. I swear we could walk in the bathroom and when we walked back out the room was clean again!

On a serious note though, they did clean the room twice per day. And each time they cleaned they would leave you with important information for the day or evening (schedules, pirate bandannas).

The cast members were wonderful and certainly top notch! We found ourselves feeling guilty for how hard they worked!

Stateroom on the Disney Cruise
Nightly itineraries on Disney Cruise

4. Free Ice Cream

Okay so all of the included food is amazing! This includes the lunch buffets on board and at Castaway Cay, the sit down dinners and the room service…all inclusive so in another sense FREE because you don’t have to pay after each meal!

Buttttttt if there was one thing that Jesse enjoyed the most, it was the free self serve ice cream! There were multiple different flavors of soft serve ice cream that was available all day (they closed at night so not a 24/7 option).

I can’t wrap my head around how much ice cream we ate…I am not kidding you.

Another free thing available is the drink stations. These are for nonalcoholic beverages, so things like pop, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

5. The Shows

The Disney Broadway style shows were excellent! There was a different one each night, and they vary from each ship.

There are 2 viewings of each show so it depends on whether you have the early or late dinner time when your show time will be.

Another awesome perk is the free movie theater! At the time we were on our cruise, Disney Nature’s Born in China was just released.

Jesse and I stopped by the theater to check the movie times and got watch this movie for free…but we did have to splurge on some popcorn.

6. Delicious Food

I already mentioned that the food was great, but let’s just talk about this a little more!

When we boarded the ship, we went straight to the buffet…the HUGE buffet! There were so many options and the food was delicious!

There is also a buffet lunch while you are visiting Castaway Cay which was super convenient!

Our dinners were fantastic at each restaurant! You can order whatever you want…appetizers, soups, salads, entree’s, deserts and drinks.

Then there is room service, which you can order at any hour of the day/night. Again ALL included…just don’t forget to tip,

Cabanas buffet on the Disney Cruise

We can’t wait for our next Disney cruise!

These are just some of the reasons we loved our Disney cruise. There are plenty of other reasons such as the crystal clear waters, the Aquaduck, and snorkeling with the stingrays!

What are some of your favorite things about a Disney cruise?

If you are now dreaming of the perfect cruise, you can see Disney’s itineraries and book your cruise here!

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