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Hollywood Studios Schedule – Can you really see it all in 1 day?

The best day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We are halfway through our 4 Disney parks schedules and I am 2 weeks behind with my posts! Preparing for school (and the first week) really consumed my life for a bit! Last week 2 weeks ago, I shared our 1 day schedule for Animal Kingdom. By this point you are probably getting a pretty good idea of how a typical day in Disney runs for us. This week we move on to our Hollywood Studios schedule! I hope you enjoy!

Hollywood Studios is Jesse’s favorite park…and another park we wish we could spend more than one day at. (Are you seeing a trend here?) And I will neverrrrr live down the time that I got sick the last two days of our Disney trip and had to go back to the room on our.. you guessed it.. Hollywood. Studios. day! (Can you believe Jesse thought I did it on purpose to mess with him at his favorite park!?! No joke is worth missing valuable Disney time!)

Any ways, Hollywood Studios is another park we do not use the magic hours at (although if you are really wanting to make the most of your time at this park and can only visit 1 day, morning magic hours or at least rope drop and staying until close might be necessary!). There is just so much to do in Hollywood Studios now that 2 days may become a new norm here soon (Jesse will be ECSTATIC)!

But for now, here is our typical 1 day Hollywood Studios schedule!

Hollywood Studios Schedule

Toy story land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
11 AM – 12 PM

Like I mentioned, this would be the park that I would suggest getting to early out of your entire vacation (especially is you plan to TRY to get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance). Getting here after the park opens (especially 11) will guarantee you will NOT be riding rise of the resistance (although I just recently heard they are separating the times to get boarding passes with 1 slot in the AM and 1 slot in the afternoon, so I guess anything is possible…I mean it is Disney right!?!…but getting there early doesn’t guarantee it either.

We have yet to make it to Disney since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has opened (stupid COVID, ugh). But I DO NOT plan on holding my breath to get on this ride for quite awhile…I refuse to get to the park before it’s extra early opening time.

So let’s just review what our normal schedule looked like before Galaxy’s Edge and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway opened and I will update once I start adding these attractions in!

Schedule a Fastpass to fit slinky dog dash into your Hollywood Studios schedule

For now we tend to arrive to Hollywood Studios at the same time as the rest, between 11 and 11:30. We will head to our first Fastpass+ reservation, let’s say this is Slinky Dog Dash!

From here, we will check the my Disney Experience app for all of the ride times. If Toy Story Mania is 45 minutes or less (preferably 30), we will jump in line for that.

12 PM – 1 PM

Once we finish up on toy story mania, we will grab lunch. We really like Pizza Rizzo (Jesse loves the pasta salad)! After lunch we will catch Muppet Vision before heading to our next ride with a full tummy.

1 PM – 3 PM

Now we will head over to Star Tours and we will often catch some of the Jedi training shows too.

While in the area we will try to catch For the First Time in Forever: a Frozen Sing-Along Celebration (it is HILARIOUS) or Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular..preferably both but it all depends on how our time is going.

We tend to catch some of the Star Wars stage shows during this time as well!

Watch the Star Wars stage shows in your Hollywood Studios schedule
3 PM – 4 PM

Now it’s time for our next Fastpass+ reservation at Rock n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith! (This is one of my absolute favorite rides! You know the room where you watch Aerosmith in the studio? Every experienced rider that enters that room runs directly to the door on the other side. I mean it makes sense, be the first to the door so you can get on the ride sooner, right? Well not for me! I always go straight to the front! I want front row for anything Aerosmith related! I feel like Steven Tyler is really there inviting us to his show! Anyone else?).

Get a Fastpass for Rock n roller coaster to fit in your Hollywood Studios schedule

After we use this Fastpass we will head over to Tower of Terror! (Another fav!). Usually this line is reasonable, sometimes it is not, but I am willing to wait up to 40ish minutes.

4 PM – 6 PM

Once we finish up with tower of terror, we have some free time before dinner. This is when we might fit in anything extra like Alien Swirling Saucers, or redo anything with reasonable wait times. This is also when we will hit up some of the gift shops!

This time, now days, may become Galaxy’s Edge time (but again, I will update you once I get the chance to explore it first hand!). We will also have Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway to fit in too! So many things, so little time!

6 PM – 7 PM
Schedule dinner at Hollywood and vine

Now it’s dinner time! We will head to Hollywood and Vine for a character meal. If we decide to eat at SciFi Drive-in Theatre we will switch our table service meal to lunch and then grab dinner at the ABC Comissary.

7 PM – 8 PM

After dinner we will fit in whatever we have time to do before our Fastpass + time for Fantasmic! Depending on when we get out of dinner and what the ride times are looking like, this time will vary. We might ride tower of terror, Star tours or toy story mania again. We might just finish our shopping if we haven’t yet. Or we might grab Starbucks and a snack and jump in line for Fantasmic early.

8 PM – 9 PM

We ALWAYS end our nights at Hollywood Studios with Fantasmic! This is hands down the BEST show in all of Disney World! After the show, you will exit to the front through a different pathway so you will not come back down Sunset Blvd. This is worth noting because in my other posts I mention that we alway stop at the gift shops on our way out. At Hollywood Studios we finish up before we head to Fantasmic because the park is closed by the end of the show.

Always schedule a Fastpass for Fantasmic in your Hollywood Studios schedule

Wrap Up!

Well there you have another detailed breakdown of our Disney itinerary for our Hollywood Studios schedule!

Tips to keep in mind:

  • I have not had the chance to fit in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge or Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway yet, so I know this schedule does not help you plan around those new attractions. I PROMISE I will update as soon as I can get back to the parks post COVID.
  • Maybe we will start adding in an extra evening at Hollywood Studios just to see Fantasmic, this way we can use more Fastpass+ reservations on our full day in the park?
  • This is the one park that Fastpass+ times do not matter since we always use 1 for Fantasmic so we can’t schedule more than the 3 for the day anyways. (unless we start watching Fantasmic on a different evening)
  • Fastpass+ tiers can be a really big pain in the butt because there are so many rides that having a Fastpass for would be helpful. But remember these tiers are here to help you at least get a Fastpass reservation for 1 because if there weren’t tiers everyone would snatch up the most popular rides ASAP!
  • Even though there is SO much to squeeze into one short day, try to take some leisure time to walk around and enjoy that extra magic! There are so many fun things that happen on the streets of Hollywood Studios, try to find something new to enjoy!

What do you think? Can we squeeze in Galaxy’s Edge and runaway railway into our tight Hollywood Studios schedule? Have you gotten a chance to experience all the new things Hollywood Studios has to offer? Do you think Hollywood Studios should be a 2 day park? Or should we at least spend an extra evening here? Let me know!

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