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Our Epcot Schedule – Travel Around the World in 1 Day

The best 1 day Epcot schedule at Disney world

Here we are, the last of my Disney park schedules! I hope these very detailed schedules have helped you to plan your Disney days or at least realize it is possible to have a great time at Disney and still get rest at night! Well let’s jump right into it, here is our Epcot schedule!

Epcot tends to be a favorite for a good number of adults, especially those without little ones…we are not those adults! I do love Epcot and would absolutely NEVER skip this park but it is definitely number 4 on my list.

There is certainly a lot to see in Epcot and you could totally spend 2 full days in this park. But since it is not our all time favorite, we are usually okay with picking and choosing what we can squeeze into 1 day…which is still a lot!

Epcot Schedule

When we visit Epcot, we usually try to schedule it into our weekly itinerary on a day there are evening Magic hours (these usually run from 9-11 PM). Ride lines are long during this time for the big attractions but it gives you extra time instead of wasting it waiting in line when the park is open.

11 AM – 12 PM

Same old same old. We aim to arrive to Epcot around 11 with our first Fastpass+ scheduled. We will usually stay in Future World at first before heading back to World Showcase.

To start our day we are going to head to our Fastpass at the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Once we get off this ride, we will explore the aquarium before heading over to the Land!

12 PM – 2 PM

Now we will use our 2nd Fastpass reservation for living with the land before grabbing lunch at Sunshine Seasons. This is a food court style quick service location (like you would see in the value resorts) making it a great option if not everyone in your party is feeling the same type of food.

This will also be the time we check out Awesome Planet! We have yet to see this show since it opened, but I LOVED circle of life when it was there so I am so glad something took its place! Circle of life was such an important show to let people know what effect we have on the planet.

To finish up in the Land, we will jump in line for Soarin’ Around the World. We never get a Fastpass for this ride because in comparison to Test Track and Frozen ever after, it is always much shorter.

We are willing to wait up to 40 minutes in line for Soarin’ and the line is fun and interactive with the mobile trivia game!

Schedule living with the land into your time at the land
2 PM – 3 PM

Now we will head to World Showcase for our final Fastpass+ reservation at Frozen Ever After. This ride is in the Norway pavilion which will lead us to our world showcase journey for the day.

3 PM – 7 PM

After we ride Frozen, we will check for additional Fastpass reservations. Typically there are none left for any of the more popular rides, but we can usually get one for Spaceship Earth for sometime that evening (not that it is necessary if you wait until later in the evening, you will be able to walk right on the ride).

During this time we will walk all of the countries in the World Showcase and ride Gran Fiesta tour starring the Three Cablalleros which is in the Mexico pavilion.

Fit some shows into your Epcot schedule

There is so much to see in World Showcase, including plenty of shows. We like to stop and try some snacks along the way, and Jesse likes to try a drink from a different country.

Try some drinks while traveling the Epcot world

7 PM – Dinner

Epcot being known for its food will probably be the most difficult park to choose your dining location.

Schedule dinner at a table service restaurant

For us, our favorite is Coral Reef, but we also have enjoyed Garden Grill, Chefs de France, and Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. On our next trip I really want to try Rose & Crown.

8 PM – 9 PM

Once we are out of dinner, we will head to whatever we haven’t gotten to yet or do some shopping before the park closes.

9 PM – 11 PM | Magic Hours

Once magic hours begin, we will head for the Test Track line. This line gets pretty long but at least we are not wasting time while the park is opened.

Fit Test Track in to your Epcot schedule during magic hours

After we ride Test Track, we will either check the time for soarin’ or go meet some characters at the character spot to end the night.

Ride spaceship earth at night in your Epcot schedule

Wrap Up!

And that’s a wrap for our daily schedules… at Epcot and all 4 of the Disney parks!

Some tips to keep in mind:
  • Do not head straight to Spaceship Earth when you enter the park, I promise if you wait until the evening you will walk right on!
  • If you want to try multiple dining locations in Word Showcase, try a quick service in one pavilion and a table service in another. We always just grab lunch while still in Future World so we have never eaten a quick service meal in World Showcase.

Well I hope you have enjoyed our Epcot schedule and if you haven’t had the chance to check out our other park schedules, you can here!

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you think you can accomplish everything on your list at Epcot with out arriving for rope drop?

Around the Epcot world in 1 day

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