Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Jesse and I made a last minute Disney trip in August for our second wedding anniversary.  We were certainly not planning it as we had a trip planned to New Hampshire and Maine in September with his family.  Needless to say though when he came home from work and told me he was able to […]

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

So I just recently graduated from my master’s program and where did I choose to go and celebrate?  Disney World!  No surprise there! Jesse and I spent a week and a half in Disney at the end of April/ beginning of May.  We spent a couple nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (our absolute favorite.. […]

Honeymoon at Walt Disney World

I had always dreamed of a big princess wedding, with a big ball gown, my prince, and the happiest place on earth!  And in August 2016, I got that!  I was so excited after my prince asked me to be his princess and I instantly began to plan all the Disney details to make our […]

Mixing Disney with Universal!

So Disney World is my favorite place to be and I have also corrupted my husband who now just wants to live in the Disney parks as much as I do! I have visited the parks many times with my family and then also a couple times with just my husband. Jesse and I had […]